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How To Get A P60


What is free, a great alternative, and the fastest way to get a P60 from any year.


You might have lost, never received, or just need print copies of an e-document. There are a few ways to get a P60 depending on your circumstances. We discuss what you can get free of charge, a useful alternative, and the quickest way to get a P60 document. A lot depends on how quick you need a copy and we cover the options.


  •  Free from Employer
  •  HMRC Alternative Document
  •  Purchase Replacement P60 Online


We show you (below) how to get yours free. If needed quickly we create a sample to try before you buy.




Replacement P60 Styles & Prices


Image of the Replacement P60 Price List for 2020




 ORANGE PORTRAIT STYLEImage of a Replacement P60 Portrait Style in Orange  BLUE PORTRAIT STYLEImage of a Replacement P60 Portrait Style in Blue  SECURITY MAILER STYLEImage of a Replacement P60 Mailer Style 

 LANDSCAPE STYLEImage of Replacement P60 in landscape style layout 


Options getting a P60, a copy P60, or what is often called a replacement P60.


There’s more than one way depending on circumstances. You should be able to get a free copy, or a very useful alternative, but may choose instead to purchase documents for a quick solution.



Employers are encouraged to provide copy documents.

They should be able to provide detail for the last 5 years if running electronic payroll. HMRC guidelines on GOV.UK encourage the employer to help. Most software packages  make it easy to comply. Problems can arise if they don't have the correct forms. P60 documents are usually preprinted with the year end date. There are new ones each year. If they don't have any you will likely get a black and white printout or email copy. We help businesses if they don’t have the correct forms or ability to run previous years. They supply pay information, we process and post the documents to their employees.


Asking your employer should not cost anything. They may drag their feet so it might not be the quickest option. You might get a photocopy or a printout not actual forms. If your company is struggling to provide documentation tell them to contact us and we will help.


If you stopped working for the company, or they ceased trading this may not be an option. We regularly hear stories of employers ignoring the request of employees who have moved on, citing as 'not their problem'.



HMRC will provide the summary figures.

When your payroll department run their year end they send the data to HM Revenue & Customs. If the employer is unwilling to help, get in touch with HMRC and ask for a copy of the information held on file. You won’t get a duplicate P60. You will get a statement of earnings on HMRC headed paper that should provide the same functionality. It may not be the quickest option with reports of a few weeks to arrive but won't cost you anything. It's not a P60 and not on a printed form, but to all intents and purposes is the same thing.


The information supplied by HMRC should be accepted as alternative proof of earnings and deductions for most requirements. The information can also be transferred to printed forms if required.



How to get a P60 quickly and on the correct stationery.

If you need documents printed on the correct forms, you can use an online payroll service to create a copy P60. With the right pay tables and stationery it’s quite straightforward to create a P60 for current or previous years.


Costs and how fast you’ll receive documents can vary. Some providers can be expensive. There's only a limited supply of forms for each year which can affect the price. We leverage technology to help reduce our costs. 25 years of payroll knowledge, and extensive software skills. We're able to provide a  faster service for high quality documents.


We charge £25.00 for any style and any year (£12.50 with discount). You get a high quality PDF by email and genuine printed payroll stationery by post. We despatch 3pm each day and they usually arrive within one or two working days by Royal Mail. If you only need the PDF, we discount by 50% meaning you only pay £12.50 for the P60 and there are no other extra fees.


There's no need to pay up front. Select a Free Sample and we create your P60 then forward a high quality PDF copy by email. If you wish to purchase there's a link to pay and documents will be on the next post. All items are covered by a satisfaction guarantee. Simply put we will quickly refund if not happy (for any reason) and you don't need mess around with returns.



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Do you have all the information to get a P60?

Software takes care of the difficult parts. All you need is standard data that you will know off the top of your head. We created a video walk through but detail how you can generate a sample below. As long as you can work out how much pay you received from April 6th to April 5th the following year calculations can be made.


How to order a P60 replacement

Use any of our navigation links to load our secure payroll creation form. It may take a few seconds to load and when it does the first thing to decide is which style you need.


Slide shows options when selecting which style of P60 is required.


They’re all popular. If you need help deciding, the Orange portrait style now edges it. HMRC approve the design layouts. The payroll software suppliers print stationery for their customers. We stock all documents in printed form. Choose which one you need.


The pay year ends Apr 5th. Each P60 will cover from April 6th in the previous year through to Apr 5th for the document you need.


Select your shipping options from Print, Post & Email - Email Only - or a Free Sample by email.


Prices will show based on your selected options.


Next - Enter the employee (worker) details.


Slide showing where to enter the employee details needed to create a copy P60


On a P60 the name is in separate fields so detail each. The middle name is optional and you could enter initials. Then enter the address where the employee lived at the end of the required pay year.


Enter the National Insurance number from pay documents or any correspondence with HMRC. You can enter as NH000000F or NH 00 00 00 F and it will display that way on the document.


Work ID is optional as some employers don’t assign one, but it could be your employee ID or work number.


Then we enter the employer details

Slide shows where to enter employer details


Enter the full company name & address.


The PAYE Reference number identifies your employer with HMRC. You should be able to find this on another P60 or on payslips. You’re looking for a sequence that looks like this 120 / K56784. If unsure ask your employer. A colleague may be able to help checking their documents because it will be the same.


Then enter pay details.


Slide shows how to enter pay amounts to be used on the copy P60


If you have a fixed years salary or have added up all pay earned pop it in the years salary box and select the pay period. It will populate the period amount.


Set whether the amount entered is Gross pay (before any deductions), or Net pay (take home).


If unsure of tax code or standard deductions, leave blank. The correct code and allowances will apply. But if you have special tax requirements or a second job (BR) enter your assigned code.


If employment started after April 6th, enter the first pay date. Calculations will show for the period of employment.


Slide showing how to access the P60 custom options fields


Our software can generate the copy P60 based on the information already provided but we give you full control if you wish to transfer details from other information such as an electronic P60.


Slide showing how to provide custom calculations for the copy P60


Just fill in details and they will be used on the form.


Good news… we’re in the final stretch now.


Enter your delivery instructions and submit data. If you only need email copies just the email address will be shown.


Slide showing where to enter delivery instructions for the copy P60


If purchasing documents you will transfer to the payment provider and then back to our site. Otherwise you’ll come straight back here while we prepare your documents. Our software will calculate your copy P60 based on the data submitted. Then generate a high quality PDF document which will arrive by email.


Data security is important. Your pay information is only in our system while creating documents. We include a long link encoded with your data in the email if you wish to make amendments or order again. This will populate the order fields to save re-entering everything.


Check the PDF copy. If you made any errors or wish to change something use the link and make amendments.







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